Sunday, March 26

Monthly Lunch Menu

  • Mar. 01
    Ash Wednesday Mass 9:00
  • Mar. 10
    Stations of the Cross 10:00, hosted by 3/7
  • Mar. 13
    Talent Show Auditions 3/13-14, 3:15
  • Mar. 16
    Spaghetti Dinner for Project Starfish 5-7pm in PH
  • Mar. 17
    Stations of the Cross 1:30, hosted by 4/8
  • Mar. 20
    Gently Used Book Sale for Proj Starfish, 3/20-22
  • Mar. 23
    Pizza Lunch sponsored by Student Ambassadors
  • Mar. 24
    Stations of the Cross 10:30, hosted by 2/6
  • Mar. 27
    Spring Break 3/27-31
  • Apr. 06
    Roaring Rapids Pizza Night for Proj Starfish 5-8pm
  • Apr. 14
    Good Friday - No School
  • Apr. 19
    Talent Show 1:00 in PH
  • Apr. 19
    9:00am Easter Mass
  • Apr. 24
    VOLUNTEER APPRECIATION WEEK - Gratitude celebration breakfast for all volunteers 8:00am at MMM
  • Apr. 27
  • Apr. 28
    Change: Noon dismissal / afternoon optional conferences

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A Voyage in Faith and Learning

St. Paul Parish School is a fully accredited elementary school that offers preschool through 8th grade classes in the best tradition of Catholic education.

For more than 50 years, our teachers, staff, pastor, parishioners, and parents have provided our children with the foundation that they need for lifelong learning. We educate the whole child by focusing on the spiritual, intellectual, physical, and social development of each student.

Lenten Outreach

March 1 - April 14

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 Roaring Rapids Pizza
April 6, 5-8pm 

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